Russian Quality Control Experts Analysed Sunflower Oil

Russian Quality Control (Roskachestvo) specialists checked the brands of unrefined sunflower oil of the highest and first grade. They have studied the products of the brands Zateya, Zolotaya Semechka, Dary Kubani, Sloboda, VkusVill, Blago, and Elva. The quality of the oils Zateya, Dary Kubani, Sloboda, VkusVill, and Blago turned out to be at the highest level. 

The experts noted the quality of Dary Kubani and Sloboda brands, which are at the highest grade level and meet the leading requirements of the organization’s standard. A number of remarks were made about the brands Elva and Zolotaya Semechka. The first one does not correspond to the declared Extra Class status, as phosphorus-containing substances in it are 0.03 per cent, which is almost twice as much as required by the state standard. In Zolotaya Semechka, there are 0.05 per cent phosphorus-containing substances in it, which is three times higher than the level established by the requirements. However, none of the samples was recognized as harmful to people’s health.

Ru-Main, 10.10.2020

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