Russian Quality Experts Advise Avoid Laptop Overheating

The Russian Quality Control (Roskachestvo) experts gave a piece of advice on how to protect a laptop from overheating which can be caused by the extremely hot weather. 

It is noted that in the heat, not only faulty laptops are exposed to overheating, but also those that work well. There are several signs your device gives you to indicate a problem. These are the ongoing noise from the body, slow battery charging, physically noticeable high temperature of a laptop, a drop in frame rate in games or video content (FPS), and a long response to commands. The last stage of overheating is a sudden emergency shutdown of a computer.

To protect a device you should not run any resource-intensive processes, but organize a fan blowing gadget or buy a cooling pad with additional coolers. Do not leave a laptop for a long time working on a bed or on a thick blanket and clean the device’s body at least once a year. Never leave a working laptop in a car or in any hot space and avoid direct sunlight. A special programme to control the temperature of a device can also help with protection.

Ru-Main, 03.07.2020

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