Russian Quality Experts Analysed Applications for Music Listening

The Russian quality (Roskachestvo) experts rated 21 mobile music services application and found out which of them are of the highest quality and are the safest. In total, 10 applications for iOS and 11 Android have been tested. It is indicated that 15 of the 21 studied applications scored above 3 points out of 5. 

The tests were conducted according to 80 criteria. In terms of security, 62 per cent of applications received maximum points. It is clarified that 38 per cent of the apps request redundant accesses, including Facebook and Google Analytics, YouTube Music for Android, Zvuk for Android, and especially Apple Music which requests a residence address, last name, and date of birth. According to the criterion ‘Consent to the Processing and Storage of Data’, YouTube Music, Apple Music, BOOM, Zvuk, and Google Play Music showed a high result. The most secure in terms of information security were Zvuk, BOOM, and YouTube Music (on iOS), and BOOM, Google Play Music and YouTube Music (on Android).

It is noted that in the applications Zvuk, Beeline Music, Sound Cloud and Zaycev, a warning about the presence of profanity in songs (E – Explicit) is not implemented. The most functionally rich applications were MTS Music, Apple Music, and Yandex.Music. It is also specified that Yandex.Music, BOOM, Deezer, and SoundCloud were recognized as the most convenient on iOS, and Yandex.Music, BOOM, and Deezer on Android. Regarding the adaptation for people with disabilities, on iOS, only Apple Music and YouTube Music showed good results. In the overall ranking, Apple Music, Yandex.Music, and BOOM on iOS, and MTS Music, Deezer, and BOOM on Android are recognized as the best ones.

Ru-Main, 14.07.2020 

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