Russian Quality Experts Compiled Top Headphones Rating

The Russian Quality Control (Roskachestvo) experts compiled the rating of the best headphones and told which of them are worth special attention. Several well-known manufacturers have released a continuation of their popular headphone lines, and a number of improvements let them ensure maximum listening comfort thanks to the wireless controls and active noise cancelling. 

Picture: Information Technologies Website

It is specified that Apple and Huawei companies have released new wireless earbuds in a number of their lines, namely Huawei Freebuds 3i and Powerbeats, but the technological race has made life difficult for users. The experts didn’t like the sound quality of both models, as one showed the blurry sound during playback, while another one had too bright sound with a lot of basses, which made a sound unclear.

Experts also reminded that too loud sounds are dangerous for hearing and headphones users should not listen to music for more than two hours in a row. It is recommended to choose headphones using the Roskachestvo rating and remember that in case of listening to loud music on headphones every day, there is a risk of becoming deaf.

Ru-Main, 30.07.2020

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