Russian Quality Experts Tested Popular Oatmeal

The Russian Quality Control (Roskachestvo) experts tested 23 brands of Russian and Finnish oatmeal according to 453 different indicators, including its quality and safety. The inspection did not reveal any serious violations. Despite the fact that the oats, from which the flakes are made, are treated with pesticides that allow controlling weeds and pests, pesticides have not been detected even in trace quantities. 

It is noted that no extra impurities in the composition of the products have been found. Thus, the Russian brands VkusVill, Gudvill, Lakome, Makfa, Market Perekrestok, Natsional, Passim, Uvelka, Yasno Solnyshko, and Myllyn Paras 1928 showed excellent product quality. However, experts noted that some samples did not comply with GOST standards for taste and smell. It is specified that real wholesome oatmeal should be free of flavourings, sweeteners, and salt.

The experts also gave advice on choosing the right oatmeal in stores. They recommended calculating the expiry date from the date of production, and not from the date of packaging. According to the specialists, you should also keep in mind that the shelf life of oatmeal in cardboard packaging is about 6 months, and in plastic packaging, about a year.

Ru-Main, 03.09.2020 

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