Russian Radars Track Over 50 Foreign Spy Planes by State Borders in a Week 

Russian radars tracked over 50 foreign aircraft that conducted air reconnaissance near the country’s state borders over the past week, as stated by the Defence Ministry’s official newspaper ‘Krasnaya Zvezda’. According to the infographics provided, 37 foreign spy planes and 19 drones conducted air reconnaissance over the indicated time.  

Picture: AirForce

Fighter jets of Russia’s air defence quick reaction alert forces were called twice over the past week to prevent foreign aircraft from violating the Russian state borders. All the flights by foreign spy aircraft were tracked by Russian radar stations. No violations of the Russian state border were allowed.

This report came shortly after the Ministry’s announcement that on November 9, from 2.15 pm to 7.28 pm, an E-8C ground target reconnaissance and strike control aircraft of the US Air Force was detected over the Black Sea and even earlier, on October 15, the US Navy destroyer Chafee approached the Russian state border and tried to cross it.

In addition, there were also reports on October 30, that the American Arleigh Burke-class missile destroyer USS Porter has begun transit to the Black Sea to interact with NATO allies and partners in the region amidst Russian military training in the sea.

According to the Russian Defence Minister, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, the ships entering the Black Sea with high-precision long-range weapons of the US, NATO and other non-Black Sea countries are just trying to test the protection of the Black Sea coast and the south of Russia. In any case, he said that violation of the Russian border will not be allowed.

And just today, as Sputnik reported, Russian radars have detected six more flights by NATO reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea.

“The intensity of NATO aerial reconnaissance near Russia’s borders in the Black Sea continues to grow. Over the past day, the radar systems of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Russian aerospace forces detected and escorted six flights by reconnaissance aircraft of NATO countries in the airspace over the Black Sea,” the Ministry told.

Source: TASS 

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