Russian Radiation Protection for Cosmonauts to Be Tested in 2023

The Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences plans to test the protection of cosmonauts from radiation in interplanetary flights on the ISS “Nauka” (“Science”) module in 2023, as reported by the with reference to the Head of the Department of Nuclear Planetology of the Institute of Space Research Igor Mitrofanov. Thanks to the research, cosmonauts will be able to solve the problem of protection from radiation right onboard the spacecraft.  

Picture: Izvestia

According to Mitrofanov, the production of a design and finishing sample of scientific equipment BTN-M2 (onboard neutron telescope), which is the equivalent of a future flight instrument, is currently being completed. It is assumed that the BTN-M2 will stand inside the station in the Nauka module, which will allow combining measurements of neutron fluxes outside and inside the ISS and building a complete engineering model of the station’s own neutron radiation.

It is specified that the flight device will be equipped with a neutron detector, a gamma-spectrometer for registering gamma-ray fluxes, and a set of protective screens against neutrons. Cosmonauts will be able to remove them and install them on a device for analyzing the effectiveness of protection and measuring the angular distribution of background neutron radiation in different conditions of space flight.

Ru-Main, 06.09.2021 

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