Russian Railways and Gazprom to Become First Quantum Phone Buyers

According to the developer, Russian Railways and Gazprom will be able to introduce the first quantum phones in 2023. A system worth several million rubles allows a user to increase the security of negotiations.  

Picture: Infotecs quantum phone; NTI News

A quantum phone is generally referred to as a server or workstation with a quantum key generation and distribution system installed on them, as well as an IP phone with an embedded means of cryptographic information protection. Here is goes about the ViPNet QSS product, the developer of which was the NTI Competence Center based on Lomonosov Moscow State University, and the manufacturer was the Infotecs company.

To “call” on a quantum phone, it is necessary that the called subscriber also has a quantum receiver installed and that both devices are connected to the distribution node of the quantum network via communication lines with “dark” optics and certain characteristics. It is believed that due to the fact that the traffic is encrypted with the quantum encryption protocol, attackers will not be able to access it. At the same time, there are special requirements for the operation of the device for indoor temperature, seismic resistance and other factors.

Currently, the system supports the transmission of voice traffic and files, and in the near future it will receive a video conferencing function.

According to one of the sources, now the cost of a quantum phone is estimated at about 40 million rubles. The Deputy General Director of Infotecs, Dmitry Gusev, did not disclose the price, but said that protecting one segment of a network up to 100 km long on the principles of quantum key distribution would cost “several tens of millions of rubles.”

He also noted that many countries are engaged in quantum communications, but it is unlikely that Russian organizations will be able to use a foreign quantum phone, if such exists, because according to existing legislation, state structures can only use certified information security tools.

The fact that the buyers of the first quantum phones in Russia will be Russian Railways and Gazprom was revealed by Gusev, speaking at an event of the company on Thursday, November 17, 2022. As noted, among the large state-owned companies, in addition to Russian Railways and Gazprom, Rostelecom, Rosatom, and Sberbank previously showed their interest in quantum technologies.

Ru-Main, 18.11.2022
Source: RBC 

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