Russian Railways to Launch Additional Trains on March Holidays

More than 90 additional trains will be launched in Moscow during the March holidays, the press service of Russian Railways reports. It is expected, that the main stream of travellers will return on March 9th.

Additional trains will run from Moscow to Samara, Ufa, Orenburg, Kazan, Saransk, Cheboksary, Penza and other cities. Additional flights will also connect St. Petersburg with Moscow and Rostov-on-Don with Kislovodsk.

If passengers will more often buy tickets for already appointed trains, the increase in the number of additional trains and wagons is expected. Russian Railways also emphasized that tickets for additional trains have already begun to be sold at ticket offices, self-service terminals, on the official website of Russian Railways and in the mobile application.

Ru-Main, 18.02.2020

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