Russian Rapper Condemned Minorities for Turning World Upside Down [Video]

Russian rap artist Sqwoz Bab has released a provocative video clip about the modern tendencies of the world community to change traditional values and the global shakiness of world perception. In his song, he warns that world power, including media influence, is rapidly passing into the hands of a minority, which provokes disregard for the opinion and feelings of the majority, even it feels strange to an ordinary person.  

Russian performer Sqwoz Bab (real name is Marat Mingazov), 26 years old, studied at the Moscow Pedagogical State University at the Faculty of Philology, where he mastered the profession of a teacher of Russian language and literature. From the summer of 2015 to the beginning of 2017, Marat was writing songs and founded the ‘Fatalist’ clothing brand together with his friend. In 2017, Sqwoz Bab announced the release of his album “Pussy Sultan” which was presented later, in 2018, in Kovrov and Moscow.

After the release of the album, Marat was noticed by other rap artists (Kyivstoner, Big Russian Boss), who invited him to open their concerts. Marat later recorded joint songs with them. On November 13, 2018, Marat released a video featuring Kyivstoner for the track “Robbing Pyaterochka“. On the first day, the clip gained more than 100 thousand views on YouTube.

In December 2018, Marat took part in the track recording for the ‘Evening Urgant’ TV programme together with other Russian rappers Eldar Jarakhov, Vitya AK, and Slava KPSS. In March 2019, Sqwoz Bab released the track “Tatar Hero“. The second album titled “Turbo” was released in April 2019.

The album “Body Language”, which gained millions of listenings in a day, included the track “Zidane“, “Kus” (“Bite”) and “Oh“. Four months after the official release of the album, the unofficial sound for the track “Oh” was uploaded to the TikTok social network, which brought Marat a new wave of popularity and the 50th position in the Shazam World Ranking.

On October 20, Marat released a joint hit “Auf” with beatmaker The First Station, which before the official release hit the TOP 15 of the Russian Shazam chart and the TOP 30 in Belarus and Ukraine. A week after the official release, the track secured 1st place in the TOP 100 of the VK popular music chart and BOOM, as well as 2nd place in the top of the most popular Shazam songs.

In October 2021, the rapper released a video for his provocative song “Gender”. Marat clarified in advance that the composition is a parody of the song Lil Nas X “MONTERO”, in which the topic of homosexual relations is shown in a positive way, as the performer himself belongs to the LGBT+ community, as it became clear from his coming out in June 2019.

The Russian performer expressed his protest and completely changed the concept of the narrative. In his song, Sqwoz Bab complains that nowadays it is very difficult to identify a person’s gender, which provokes even bigger problems in people’s relationships. According to him, in such a way minorities offended by the attitude of other people arise. Such minorities are gaining strength and changing the lives of the majority, forcing everyone else to please their views under the guise of demanding respect.

“To indicate a gender is a real trouble
I get a tremor when they confuse my gender
I have assembled a team to solve these problems
We’re gonna be offended, we’re gonna crash the system.”

Marat comes up with a new gender, referring to the fact that nowadays anyone can call himself as he likes and make other people pretend it’s okay for them too.

“Lesbian is with us and also a pansexual
Bi, a queer person, polyamorist, asexual
Intersex, transgender, gay and straight
And I, of course, a Doublesexual.”

The performer warns that the current situation may turn into unpleasant consequences for the world’s majority.

“And those who are the least
Are getting bigger and bigger
The ice is getting only thinner.”

The rapper makes a reference to global changes in cinema, the requirement to replace white actors with dark-skinned ones, despite the skin colour of the character they are supposed to play.

“Watching Netflix series with black Eminem
Gender-neutral cartoon about Finding Nemo
Where Jet Li is a Negro, where Danny Trejo is a vegan
And Mrs Themis is fighting for the rights of women.”

In conclusion, the singer calls for his cancellation, making a reference to the modern cancel culture, and emphasizing that he will anyway be cancelled despite the fact that he voiced real facts. Thus, he shows that any person can be expelled from society and made a renegade for exposing an objective reality that is not to the taste of the minorities.

“Terminate my contracts, cancel me
I’m guilty, de facto, blame me
Guy, only facts, how’s it I am wrong?
Terminate my contracts, cancel me.”

Ru-Main, 09.11.2021

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