Russian Residents Told Experts What Size of Pension They Consider Decent  

Specialists of the job search service interviewed Russians and found out what amount of pension payments they consider worthy. Residents of Moscow (48,000 rubles), St. Petersburg (47,000 rubles), and Khabarovsk (45,100 rubles) had the highest pension expectations, while residents of Kirov (39,000 rubles) and Izhevsk (39,400 rubles) had the most modest ones.  

When asked about the main source of income after reaching retirement age, representatives of the economically active population of the country more often answered that they expect to continue working and living on a salary (28 per cent). In turn, 24 per cent hope for a state pension, 14 per cent of respondents plan to live on personal savings.

Funds invested in non-state pension funds were named the main source of income at retirement age by 4 per cent of Russians. Only 1 person out of 100 counts on the help of children. Also, among other sources of income, 7 per cent of respondents named income from renting real estate, dividends and coupons on securities.

The survey also showed that for Russian youth, the retirement age seems still very far away. Thus, Russians under 24 years of age now more often think they can rely on a state pension, respondents from 25 to 44 years of age more often expect to continue working and receive a salary, but among citizens over 45, those who expect to live on a pension and a salary are absolutely equal (30 per cent each).

A decent pension, according to the average Russian, should be equal to 43 thousand rubles per month (+8 per cent, last year the average requests were at the level of 40 thousand rubles). Women’s requests are more modest than men’s (41 and 44.7 thousand rubles, respectively).

Young people under 24 years of age consider 35.8 thousand rubles a month to be decent, while Russians over 45 years of age named the amount of 45 thousand rubles. In addition, the higher the income level, the higher the pension expectations. So, 37 thousand rubles seems a decent amount for Russians with a salary of less than 30,000 rubles, while 48 thousand rubles named those who earn more than 80,000 rubles per month.

Ru-Main, 24.11.2021 
Source: SuperJob 

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