Russian Schoolchildren Named Most Desirable Gifts for New Year

Almost half of the Russian schoolchildren would like to receive money, a smartphone, a smartwatch, or wireless headphones as a gift, and also dream of a kitten and a ticket to a concert by their favourite artist, as shown in the research conducted by the MAXIMUM Education company. 

According to the results of the study, 23 per cent of schoolchildren in Russia would like to receive money for the New Year, 21 per cent of respondents dream of various types of gadgets, and 15 per cent of respondents want to get books and stationery. Also, 12 per cent of students choose cosmetics and care products, 9 per cent of schoolchildren voted for clothes and shoes, and another 6 per cent want to be given educational courses or training.

In addition, about 13 per cent of respondents chose the answer option “other” and indicated as desired a medical course, a trip to Karelia, a kitten, airsoft equipment, a video editing course, or a ticket to a concert of their favourite artist.

Also, 92 per cent of the surveyed schoolchildren are going to give presents to their relatives and friends themselves. In particular, 70 per cent of schoolchildren plan to buy gifts with their own saved money, 20 per cent are going to ask their parents for money, and 10 per cent of students even got a job to buy New Year’s gifts for their loved ones.

Ru-Main, 16.12.2021 
Source: Izvestia 

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