Russian Schoolchildren Ready to Start Own Business

Most Russian schoolchildren (82 per cent) would like to have their own business and dream of a medium-sized company, according to the research conducted on October 5-13 by the All-Russian Popular Front among 1,000 schoolchildren aged 11-18 throughout Russia, PRIME reports. The top 5 spheres of business desired by the surveyed included Internet business, entertainment, trade, services, and education. 

It is stated that 46 per cent of respondents want to have a business primarily in order to earn money, 35 per cent said it was their dream, and 20 per cent like the opportunity to be in charge. As for the advantages of being involved in a business, 36 per cent of respondents named the opportunity to change the world, 28 per cent, freedom of action, 20 per cent, the opportunity to earn a lot of money, and 15 per cent, the fulfillment of a dream.

More than half of teenagers (56 per cent) would like to start a medium-sized business, 34 per cent of respondents dream of a large corporation, and 10 per cent admitted that they would like to have a small family business. At the same time, 59 per cent of the surveyed schoolchildren would like to do business in Russia and 41 per cent of the respondents, abroad.

Ru-Main, 19.10.2020 

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