Russian Schoolchildren Seek Solutions to Combat COVID-19

Russian schoolchildren and students will be engaged in the search and development of new technological solutions to combat the spread of coronavirus as part of an online hackathon, RIA News reports.  

Picture: RIA News Website

The online hackathon will be held on April 18-19, 2020. Representatives of different fields can apply for participation in the hackathon, including programmers, ‌engineers‌, biologists, chemists, and ‌humanities.

In two days, participants will have to solve one of the given problems. They can develop a technical solution for a new personal respiratory protection tool, create a filtering service for fake news, develop a model for predicting the spread of the virus, create a game for learning the correct behaviour during the epidemic or conduct bioinformatics analysis of the coronavirus genome.

According to the project leader for Future Practices, Maria Rachinskaya, preparing and participating in this hackathon will not only help schoolchildren and students usefully spend their forced vacations, but also allow the government to identify promising technology teams who can solve problems in new markets.

Ru-Main, 30.03.2020

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