Russian Schoolgirl Developed Smartphone Application for Child Safety

Eliza Makhmudova, an 11th-grade student from Moscow, has created a mobile application with which parents can monitor where their children cross the road, VM.RU reports. 

Picture: Moscow Media in Education Website

To create the application, Eliza worked in a team with her classmates, Amir Basharov and Nikita Kobzev, and the idea of ​​the project belongs to her. The service is an interactive map on which are marked all the dangerous areas of the city roads. If a child crosses the road in a place where there is no traffic light or zebra, a signal is triggered, and an email is sent to the parents indicating the place of the violation.

It works in such a way, that the mobile phone falls into the coverage area of ​​a school Wi-Fi network, and at that moment an alert is sent to parents. Users also have an opportunity to mark dangerous places on the map, such as construction sites or abandoned buildings, by themselves. In addition, the service collects the coordinates of places where traffic violations are most often recorded, and on their basis creates a map of emergency sections.

Ru-Main, 02.03.2020

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