Russian Scientists Created Magnetic Nanomaterial for Securities Protection

Developing new methods for growing nanostructures of iron, cobalt, and nickel, Russian National University of Science and Technology (MISIS) associate professor, Yuri Konyukhov, and his colleagues have created nanoparticles with programmable magnetic properties that can be used to protect securities from counterfeiting, and people from electromagnetic radiation, TASS reports.  

It is noted that the authors of the new study solved the problem of changes in the magnetic properties of iron, cobalt, and nickel in the transition to the nanoscale. Scientists have developed a process for the production of such particles, during which their magnetic properties can be flexibly controlled. To obtain them, it is enough to mix the salts of nitric acid and these metals in the required proportion, add a small amount of alkali to the solution, then dry the resulting precipitate and treat it with a stream of hydrogen at a temperature of 300-500 °C.

According to Konyukhov, such particles are useful for creating systems for the magnetic protection of money and securities from counterfeiting. It is specified that in the course of the developed technique particles with strictly specified dimensions and magnetic properties are created, which counterfeiters cannot reproduce. In addition, they can be used to create shielding materials that protect the human body and electronics from electromagnetic radiation.

Ru-Main, 26.02.2021 

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