Russian Scientists Created New Material for Anti-Radiation Protection

Scientists of the South Ural State University have proposed an alternative material for protection against radiation. According to them, on the basis of the new material, it is possible to make glasses for use in industries where radioactive radiation is used. The study is published in the Optical Materials journal.  

Picture: RIA Novosti

While radiation therapy helps much to treat malignant tumours, it is also important to protect medical personnel and healthy areas of a patient’s body from radiation. Screens and helmets made of protective glass are used widely for this purpose. However, they usually contain lead in their composition, which is a heavy toxic material unsafe to work with. That is why, based on a chemical compound of strontium and boron oxides, as well as tellurium dioxide (SRO–B2O3–TeO2), Russian scientists have created a material from which lead-free safety glasses can be made.

“We have proposed a fundamentally new material that can replace lead, and have shown that it is able to effectively shield gamma radiation. Strontium-borate-tellurite glasses have both a high density and an effective atomic number. Strontium oxide is also a heavy metal oxide, and if it is added to glass, it will increase the density of the material, which is an important parameter in radiation protection,” a junior researcher at the Crystal Growth Laboratory of the University, Daria Tishkevich, explained.

As the specialist noted, protection from ionizing radiation is needed not only in medicine but also in nuclear, aerospace, and scientific activities. For example, you can make radiation-protective glasses, helmets, windows, portholes, screens and mount them on the walls.

The scientists believe that a relatively simple production technology, the ability to form glasses of various thicknesses and shapes, and high screening efficiency values make the new material competitive. Besides, the material has a relatively low price, since expensive raw materials are not used in production.

Ru-Main, 20.10.2021
Source: RIA Novosti 

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