Russian Scientists Developed Technology of Dreams Recreation

The new Russian technology to recreate dreams will help in recovery from strokes and coronavirus, as stated by the CEO of Neurobotics, a member of the NeuroNet industry union of the National Technology Initiative Vladimir Konyshev, RIA Novosti reported. 

According to Konyshev, the company has developed a hardware and software complex, a neuro-headset that is connected to an application on a phone or computer. The headset picks up EEG signals, reads brain activity from the surface of the head, and thus receives data about the state of the brain. This technology can also be used to recreate dreams (since brain activity continues during sleep, it is possible to determine what kind of dream a person has experienced).

“The developed hardware and software complex allows localizing the sources of brain activity to different audiovisual stimuli, and subsequently training it using biofeedback (neuroBOS). As part of post-stroke rehabilitation, it is very important to start training as soon as possible in order to preserve unaffected neural connections and start forming new ones. During sleep, a person is often more susceptible and this time can also and should be used for recovery,” Konyshev explained.

Ru-Main, 14.07.2021 

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