Russian Scientists Found Way to Grow Meat in Incubator

Researchers from Kazan have developed a method for growing meat in special devices from animal stem cells. 

To create synthetic meat, stem cells are taken from young foals, which are then placed in incubators. It maintains the necessary temperature and air. For nutrition and cell growth, the supply of necessary substances is provided.

Researchers are now experimenting with planting fat cells to get the taste of real meat. The product thus obtained will be able to replace ordinary forcemeat. This is expected to happen in the next three years.

According to the director of the Scientific Clinical Center for Precision and Regenerative Medicine, Albert Rizvanov, synthetic meat growing method guarantees the absence of antibiotics and other harmful substances in the product.

The next stage of the project may be the creation of artificial steaks, however, a bioprinter is required to produce synthetic lump meat – it will print the product from cells grown in incubators, Izvestia reports.

Ru-Main, 13.01.2020

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