Russian Security Service Detained Ukrainian Intelligence Agents for Sabotage Activities

Ukrainian saboteurs detained by FSB officers for intelligence activities in three Russian regions have confessed to being guilty. Two of them, Zinovy and Igor Kovals, confessed to being recruited by the current employee of the Ukrainian security service in the Ternopil region, Colonel Vasily Kovalik. 

Picture: Screenshot of the interview with the detainees

As reported, on his instructions, the saboteurs had to photograph and collect data on strategic objects on the territory of Russia for a monetary reward.

In turn, the third detainee, Alexander Tsylyk, revealed he acted on the instructions of the employee of the group of the operational department of the Special Reserve of the Main Reconnaissance Department of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, Lieutenant Colonel Maxim Kirilovets.

The man said that he had to make two improvised explosive devices with a total weight of 1.5 kilogrammes in TNT equivalent and commit a terrorist attack. Moreover, he also confessed that he crossed the Russian border illegally.

This news comes along with the Western accusations that Russia “pulls its military forces” to the Ukrainian border and possesses a serious threat by “creating a tension”, though, it’s obvious now that Ukrainians themselves create even more danger for Russians.

Ru-Main, 02.12.2021 
Source: Lenta 

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