Russian Singer Lolita Shares Secret of Slim Figure

The popular singer Lolita has changed a lot after a divorce. Recently she revealed the secret of losing extra pounds: according to the star, she does not sit on any diets. 

Having lost 14 kilograms, Lolita noted that she does not set any limits to herself. The star also denies that the cause of weight loss was a depression after the divorce. For those who wanted to lose weight, the singer advised to contact an endocrinologist.

“You come to him, take tests and get rid of everything unnecessary. Nothing more, I swear! And no diets are needed!” said Lolita.

In addition, the performer told that she works a lot and does not think about new relationships for now. At the same time, the singer is sure that she will still get married in the future, and probably even more than once.

Ru-Main, 23.12.2019

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