Russian Singer Starred in New Film – (Not) Ideal Man

The film “(Not) Ideal Man” is a Russian comedy with elements of science fiction. It tells a story of a girl tired of disappointment in men. She decided to substitute a real man with a robot, so she is to find out if a robot is able to love. 

The director was Marius Weisberg (“Grandmother of Easy Virtue 2”). The script was composed by Evgeniy Khripkov and Zhora Kryzhovnikov. Among the producers were Marius Weisberg, Alexander Rodnyansky (“Beanpole”) and Sergey Melkumov (“Dislike”).

The main character is a girl who suffers a lot from the fact that she is completely unlucky to build relations. Any love affair ends up in a real collapse and disappointment. The girl gets a job in a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of robots that look like people. Such robots have already become an integral part of human society. Moreover, they are created with the ability to respond to the nature of a person, to adapt, to study interests and weaknesses of people. When it turns out that one robot has a defect, she takes it home to try if it can make her happy, as she believes it can have a soul.

The cast of the film includes such Russian artists as Yulia Alexandrova (“Mistresses”), Egor Kreed, Artem Suchkov (“Girls are Different”), Roman Kurtsyn (“Pain Threshold”), Maxim Lagashkin (“Let’s Get Divorced”), and many others. The age rating of the Russian comedy is assigned 12+.

Ru-Main, 27.01.2020

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