Russian Singer Went to Coronavirus ‘Red Zone’ in Moscow

Russian Singer, Valery Meladze, visited the “red zone” of the Voronovskoye Centre for Infectious Diseases in Moscow, to see the treatment of patients with coronavirus. The artist shared the results of the visit on his Instagram account. 

Meladze said that he asked for permission to come to the COVID departments in order to support the doctors working there and give positive emotions to patients who are fighting the disease.

“When you yourself put on a protective suit and go to the red zone, somehow everything falls into place right away. People in white suits and glasses look alike, like two peas. I was not recognized until the doctors introduced me. When recognized, everyone smiled. I am glad that I caused positive emotions in patients and doctors! I wish everybody good health! Doctors have strength and patience!!! Low bow!!!” Meladze wrote below the video.

Ru-Main, 18.11.2020 

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