Russian Singers Online: Quarantined Stars Perform Home Concerts

Out of boredom, Russian artists began to organize concerts at home, in private studios, and even in the empty halls of the Philharmonic. Today, there is a live broadcast from a concert by a singer Zivert and the Chaif ​​music band, reports. 

An hour-long concert was recorded by a singer Leonid Agutin at home. At first, the singer was upset that he did not hear applause, but the stickers from the fans in the chat comforted him. The broadcast of the B-2 group concert gathered 2.5 million spectators. The musicians not only performed their songs but also answered the fans’ questions.

Mumiy Troll singer and his musicians are isolated in different parts of the world, but this does not stop them from giving concerts. The group is recording new versions of their hits. Denis Matsuev noticed that a concert in an empty philharmonic has its advantages, as it will not be spoiled by a sudden phone call from the audience. For spectators, the pianist plays world-famous works of classics.

Ru-Main, 29.03.2020

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