Russian Social Network Created Public Council to Support Entrepreneurs

VK is creating a public council to support medium and small businesses in the new conditions, which includes entrepreneurs and representatives of the public organization “Opora Russia”. 

Picture: ProBiznesmen

“The main goal of the council is to help representatives of SMEs adapt to new conditions and take into account their interests in business development as much as possible,” the report says.

It is planned that the council will collect and work out proposals from entrepreneurs across the country on the development of projects and initiatives that will help develop their business or industry as a whole, as well as develop new support measures, including involving partners.

The council will collect information in the business community on the VKontakte social network. Experts will also help to form a pool of tasks faced by representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in the new conditions.

“More than 2 million entrepreneurs are already promoting their goods and services on VKontakte, more than 100 thousand business communities have been created over the past weekend alone. On the VK Business platform, entrepreneurs can find all the necessary tools to launch and develop their business on the Internet,” the VK CEO, Vladimir Kiriyenko, said.

In turn, the Opora Russia team will provide comprehensive industry expertise on online sales mechanisms based on focus groups and collecting opinions from relevant business communities.

Ru-Main, 14.03.2022
Source: TASS 

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