Russian Social Network Named Most Discussed Topics in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has become the most discussed topic in the Russian social network (VKontakte) in 2021, which follows from the rating of the social network.  

It is noted that issues related to the coronavirus pandemic took first place in the rating and were discussed in VK a total of 68.5 million times. As specified, users wrote not only about the coronavirus but also about vaccination, remote work, autumn lockdown, and QR-code system.

In addition, the social network recorded discussions of the elections to the State Duma (1.4 million mentions), the bitcoin exchange rate (1 million), the All-Russian Population Census (485 thousand), and the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline branch (451 thousand).

Also, interesting topics for users were Cyberpunk game 2077 (467 thousand mentions), Eurovision (394 thousand), the Oscar Award (992 thousand), and the series “Squid Game” (321 thousand). Among the most mentioned are also the European Football Championship (714 thousand mentions) and the Summer Olympics in Tokyo (624 thousand).

The rating of the most mentioned persons in the social network is headed by Russian President Vladimir Putin (13.04 million mentions). The list also includes President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky (1.26 million), President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (1.05 million) and the 45th President of the US Donald Trump (1.15 million mentions).

Among musicians and athletes, users discussed the South Korean band BTS (2.2 million), rapper Morgenshtern (2.01 million), singer Olga Buzova (1 million mentions), fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov (943.2 thousand), and football player Cristiano Ronaldo (863 thousand mentions).

Ru-Main, 10.12.2021 
Source: TASS 

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