Russian Soldiers and Volunteers Help Rescuing Mariupol Residents [Video]

Thousands of civilians became victims of Ukraine’s aggression and got stuck in the city of Mariupol, unable to leave it or at least have connection with the outer world. In attempts to escape, many of them died from the hand of their “compatriots”, as human shield had to be available at the place. Thus, those who could be evacuated were trapped in their own city and had to go through hell till the moment Russian soldiers and volunteers came to rescue. 

Picture: Screenshot of the ‘Donbass: I’m Alive!’ video

Over 400,000 people in Mariupol had to shelter underground because Ukraine’s units of the Azov nationalist battalion wouldn’t let them leave the city. People who had to survive in Mariupol under Ukrainian forces’ shelling watched Ukrainian tanks firing at residential buildings. The film tracks stories of them – those who had to survive in Mariupol under Ukrainian shelling.

Though hundreds got a chance to be evacuated, many lost touch with family and friends who were forced to stay. Disrupted cell-phone service and no internet connection left no opportunity for communication.

“What are they doing? Making a human shield! They hid behind old men! Idiots! Damned Ukraine! It makes me so angry!” Mariupol residents said in the video.

Instead, Russian soldiers would find relatives, pass their messages and reunite people with their loved ones, as well as distribute humanitarian aid. Now many people are happy to be alive and hope for a new beginning.

One of the Russian soldiers drives under gunfire to distribute humanitarian aid; a volunteer with the code-name ‘Texas’ helps reunite families separated during the evacuation, other courageous people help women give birth during the bombing. All this and much more can be seen in the RT film “Donbass: I’m Alive!”

Russia keeps helping in evacuation of Ukrainians from dangerous areas

Over the past day, 19,442 people, including 4,468 children, were evacuated to Russia from dangerous areas of Ukraine, as well as from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) without Kiev’s participation, RealnoeVremya reports. This was announced on April 28 by the Head of the National Defense Control Center of Russia, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev.

According to him, a total of 1,021,871 people, including 187,636 children, and 133,581 vehicles have crossed the Russian border since the beginning of the special military operation, 2,708 of them over the past day.

In addition, Ukrainian nationalists are still holding 90 foreigners hostage as human shields. Also, 75 foreign vessels from 17 states remain blocked in the ports of Kherson, Nikolaev, Chernomorsk, Ochakov, Odessa, Yuzhny, and Mariupol.

On the eve, it became known that the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs formed a group to evacuate civilians from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. A day earlier, the UN said that Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the involvement of the organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross in the evacuation of civilians from Azovstal.

Ru-Main, 29.04.2022
Source: RT 

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