Russian Specialists Created New Material for Military Equipment Operation in Snowy Terrain

The specialists of the Russian holding company Ruselectronics have developed a radio-absorbing material for snowy terrain, which reduces the detection range of military equipment by 3 to 4 times, RIA News reports.

Picture: RIA News Website

At the moment, the development company (CKB RM) which is part of Ruselectronics is ready for mass production of new material based on filaments with a nanostructured ferromagnetic microwire, an experimental batch has already been released. It is noted that the camouflaged military equipment is more difficult to detect by radar reconnaissance stations, as well as radar control weapons of attack helicopters and tactical enemy aircraft. The material is resistant to climatic influences at low temperatures and has a reflection coefficient of 0.5%.

Ru-Main, 17.05.2020

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