Russian Startup Ready to Buy Your Face Identity for $200,000

Russian robot manufacturer Promobot is looking for a new face for its next humanoid robot, which will be used in hotels, shopping malls, and airports starting from 2023.  

Promobot is a robotics company registered in 2015 in Perm by students Oleg Kivokurtsev, Maksim Utev, Igor Yeremeyev, and entrepreneur Alexey Yuzhakov. It produces autonomous service robots that are already in use in 43 countries around the world. Such robots perform various functions, including the duties of administrators, consultants, promoters, guides, and concierges.

Now, the company’s specialists offer 200 thousand dollars to a volunteer who is ready to sell the right to use his face for an unlimited period of time. The creators of robots are looking for a candidate with a “kind and friendly” face, a robot with the appearance of which will be used in North America and the Middle East. Anyone can become a volunteer, regardless of gender and race, but over 25 years old.

The winning candidate will need to make a 3D model of his face and body for the external characteristics of the robot, then speak at least 100 hours of speech material that will be used by the machine to communicate with customers. It is noted that the appearance of the selected candidate will become the standard appearance for robots of this type.

At the time of writing, however, the company announced that it has already received over 20,000 applications and their client “has decided to suspend the request collection.”

“We want to say thanks to all participants,” the company added. “Everyone who didn’t have time to submit an application, please no worries, we will have more projects in the future.”

Ru-Main, 01.12.2021 
Source: Sputnik  

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