Russian State Duma Adopted Law on Expanding Police Rights

The State Duma of the Russian Federation has adopted a law on expanding the rights of the police. Now police officers will be able to enter flats, open cars, detain Russians without introducing themselves, as well as inspect everyone they consider suspicious.  

The State Duma adopted in the third reading a law on expanding the powers of police officers. Now the document will be submitted to the Federation Council. Senator Andrei Klishas said that the relevant committee on constitutional legislation will support these changes.

According to the changes, police officers will be able to enter flats and other premises if it is necessary to detain intruders “caught at the scene of a crime or hiding from it.” In addition, law enforcement officers will be able to use the new powers to catch those whom victims or eyewitnesses consider criminals.

To verify statements and reports of incidents, police officers will have the right to inspect “the scene, terrain, premises, vehicles, objects, documents and other objects.” In particular, they can open a car in order to save someone or ensure the safety of people in case of emergency and mass riots. Such a right is also given to the suppression of a crime or verification of information about an alleged terrorist attack.

In addition, the opening of a car is possible “for the application of measures to ensure the proceedings in the case of an administrative offence, if there are grounds to believe that the person who committed this offence is intoxicated.”

Police officers will also be able to inspect citizens, their personal belongings, transport if they believe that one or another resident of Russia is “hiding objects of theft” or has “weapons, ammunition, ammunition for weapons, explosives, explosive devices, drugs, psychotropic or radioactive substances.”

At the same time, if a police officer believes that “circumstances threatening his life and health” have arisen, or it is necessary to “immediately stop a crime or offence,” he can introduce himself only after detention. Citizens, on the contrary, will be required to introduce themselves on demand.

Ru-Main, 08.12.2021 

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