Russian Students Chose Songs for Prom

Russian students have chosen songs for the playlist for their prom. According to the data provided by the music service Zvuk, they would like to hear Max Korzh, Noize MC, and Imagine Dragons at the prom, RIA News reports. 

The leader in the musical rating of Russian teenagers is the singer Max Korzh. The second place is occupied by the rapper from Kazakhstan, Scriptonite, and the third place took the music band from Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons. Also popular are the Nervy group and hip-hop artists Noize MC and LSP. In addition, students noted that they would like to perform a slow dance to the songs “Prom” (also “Slow Dance”) by Basta, “Too In Love” by the Nervy group (both belong to the Russian label Gazgolder).

Ru-Main, 19.05.2020

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