Russian Schoolchildren Named Most Desirable Professions

According to a survey conducted by the Country Development Fund for Culture and Cinematography, most Russian schoolchildren would like to become a doctor or a veterinarian, RIA News reports.  

The desire to become a doctor or a veterinarian was expressed by 12 per cent of respondents, 9 per cent would like to try their hand at creative professions, 7 per cent dream of becoming educators. Students also listed a lawyer, a programmer, a military, an athlete, a businessman, a cook, a mechanic, a welder, and a lifeguard as dream professions. At the same time, 26 per cent of respondents admitted that they have not chosen a profession yet.

Speaking about the future as a whole, 35 per cent of schoolchildren said that they are not dreaming of anything particular, 12 per cent dream of becoming happy and successful, 14 per cent would like to pass the Unified State Exam well, 13 per cent called material objects (real estate, car, money) their dream, 7 per cent said they wanted to leave Russia, 5 per cent would like to travel.

Ru-Main, 01.06.2020

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