Russian Surgeon Spoke on Most Popular Women Plastic Surgery

The managing director of the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Ksenia Delnik, spoke about the body shapes Russian women dream of. According to her, women go to great lengths to get natural forms, and many have to use the plastic surgeons’ services to achieve the desired result, Lenta reported.   

The expert noted that earlier, Russian girls expressed the desire to have thin legs, chiseled facial features, and a flat stomach. Now, women ask surgeons to achieve natural and feminine forms, with wide hips, thin waist, and round buttocks.

Delnik stated that according to many polls, for men, buttocks are the most attractive part of a woman’s body. However, fashion is changing too rapidly, and sometimes patients have to be dissuaded from surgery. This is mostly due to the fact the patient’s body shape will not allow any changes without negative consequences.

Ru-Main, 10.08.2020

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