Russian Teacher Spoke About Distance Education Quality

A member of the All-Russia People’s Front Central Headquarters, ‘The Teacher of the Year 2017’, Ilya Demakov, assessed the quality of distance education in Russia during the self-isolation regime, NSN reports.

Picture: NSN Website

Demakov noted that the format of distance learning is not new for the country. According to the expert, there is a qualitative increase in distance learning at the moment thanks to the efforts of teachers.

“Parents first saw how much a teacher does. Of course, that’s why parents want to return their children to classes. Children need a lot of assistance, and not only on technical issues. The third point is that parents are not educators. Accordingly, what is entrusted to them is performed weaker,” Demakov said.

According to the teacher, the distance learning system should not be made the leading one, since the level of education that a child receives with this format is extremely weak. So the remote classes are necessary only now, as later children can safely return to the usual format of study.

Ru-Main, 13.05.2020

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