Russian Teachers Named Top Motivators for Staying in Profession

The majority of teachers in Russia (43 per cent) love their profession for the opportunity to communicate and work with children, according to the study of Skysmart online school, RT reports.  

Picture: Educational Journal

The experts found out that 20 per cent of teacher surveyed does not change their profession because they really enjoy what they do, 9 per cent are motivated by a sense of duty and recognition, 1 per cent of teachers paid attention to such factors as a decent salary and belonging to a dynasty of teachers, 8 per cent of respondents remain in the profession since it contributes to their self-development, 7 per cent are content with feeling the demand for their services, and 4 per cent were motivated by the gratitude of students and their parents, as well as the long vacation and convenient work schedule.

Ru-Main, 17.10.2020 

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