Russian Top Politician Published ‘List of Russia’s Sins’

The Deputy Chairman of Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, published a list of “Russia’s sins” in his Telegram account, mentioning there Biden who confuses words, disappearance of dinosaurs, and Julius Caesar assassination. 

(what is Russia to blame for)

1. The crazy rise in the gasoline prices at all gas stations of the US and their close allies.
2. The growth of prices for all food products in all stores on all continents.
3. The terrible heat in European resorts, from which all living creatures suffer.
4. Provoking the introduction of “infernal sanctions” against Russia, which hit defenseless European companies.
5. The fact that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. regularly confuses words, cannot find a way out of the room and reads technical notes on the text of the prompter.
6. The fact that in America, you can vote by mail.
7. The fact that Olaf Scholz was called an “offended liver sausage”.
8. The resignations of European leaders since the arrogantly created by Peter I of the Russian Empire to spite everyone.
9. Manipulating public opinion by means of works of Russian classical literature and symphonic music, which are uncritically consumed by gullible Europeans.
10. The villainous murder of progressive European politician Gaius Julius Caesar by a gang of terrorists Publius Servilius Casca, Marcus Brutus and other Russian hires in order to split the Western world and promote anti-liberal values.
11. An unprovoked preemptive meteorite strike on our planet and the subsequent disappearance of dinosaurs.

The list is open. To be replenished.”

Ru-Main, 20.07.2022 
Source: Dmitry Medvedev’s Telegram Channel  

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