Russian Tourism Experts to Create Special Route to Putin’s Recreation Places

The Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism) together with Russian tour operators will develop a tourist route to several regions of Siberia, where the country’s President Vladimir Putin likes to spend his recreation time. 


“We receive a lot of requests from tourists about where our President travels – people see unique places on TV and also want to visit them, get to know their country better […] The project of such a route will be considered at the next expert council of Rostourism this year. We plan that it will be several regions of Siberia,” the press service of the agency reported.

The agency’s head, Zarina Doguzova, thanked Putin for supporting the tourism and hospitality industry.

“It’s great that you yourself are shaping the fashion for active travel around our country – fishing, trekking, outdoor recreation… This inspires millions of tourists to discover the beauty of Russia,” Doguzova wrote on her Instagram page.

As planned, by the end of 2022, Rostourism will update the standards for the arrangement of tourist routes, taking into account the requests of modern tourists. Therefore, the new route will be equipped in a new way to make sure that a person can get comprehensive information on a route, and after starting to follow it, is fully satisfied with everything on his way.

In total, by 2024, it is expected to accredit and equip more than 1,000 tourist routes in all regions of the country at the expense of 5.3 billion rubles provided for grant support of projects in tourism.

Ru-Main, 08.10.2021
Source: WelcomeTimes

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