Russian Traffic Police Supported Idea of Introducing Driving Lessons in Schools

Driving lessons need to be returned to Russian schools, said the head of the State Traffic Inspectorate Mikhail Chernikov. In this case, at the age of 17, along with a certificate graduates will be able to receive a driving license, he said to RIA Novosti.  

According to the head, such lessons can be carried out outside a classroom. Chernikov suggested that in a number of regions it would be appropriate to start the experiment with cadet corps the students of which want to get a license after graduation.

“A graduate who has received the profession of a driver will be able to quickly realize himself as a specialist and start working at an enterprise, an organization, a company. Finally, such a speciality is in demand in the army, where there is a high need for a driver,” the head of the State Traffic Inspectorate said.

According to Chernikov, already now in Russia with the support of the State Traffic Inspectorate one of the most massive teenage movements, Young Traffic Inspectors, is operating. As part of this movement, over 433 thousand teenagers are engaged in the units throughout the country studying traffic rules and the basics of safe behaviour on the road.

Ru-Main, 17.06.2021 

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