Russian Transport Companies More Than Others Interested in Applicants’ COVID-Status

Every third company in Russia would give preference to vaccinated candidates, than non-vaccinated ones, according to the specialists of the SuperJob job search service. However, 68 per cent of recruiters do not consider a COVID-19 vaccination certificate as a candidate’s benefit. 

The COVID-status of a job seeker is of interest to 33 per cent of Russian employers. HR managers most often explain their position by the fact that hired employees will contact customers, partners, and colleagues, and therefore should not pose a danger to others. In contrast, 49 per cent of employers claimed that they do not ask such questions in job interviews because it has nothing to do with the job seeker’s professional skills.

It is clarified that attention to the candidate’s COVID-status is more often paid in small companies with up to 100 employees (56 per cent). In addition, among companies in various fields of activity, information about a future employee’s immunity to coronavirus is especially important in the transport and logistics sector (61 per cent) and sales (52 per cent). Least of all, the COVID-status of an applicant is of interest in information technology (23 per cent) and finance (31 per cent) sectors.

Compared to January 2021 when specialists conducted a similar study the number of recruiters who in one way or another are interested in the COVID-status of candidates has grown from 35 per cent to 51 per cent.

Ru-Main, 12.07.2021 

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