Russian Travellers Don’t Sleep on Airplane

Russian online service for travellers conducted a survey to find out how many people feel free to sleep on the airplanes. About a third of travellers answered that they did not know how to sleep there. 

Travellers were asked about the conditions under which they could fall asleep on an airplane. Only 38 per cent of respondents said that they had no problems with this during flights. Another 32 per cent said they could not sleep on an airplane.

Then 13 per cent) reported that they can only fall asleep on night flights or flights lasting more than five hours. Earplugs and sleep masks, as well as sleeping pills, help some of the respondents. The most unpopular answer was reading a book for falling asleep. There are only one per cent of the respondents voted for this option.

Ru-Main, 11.02.2020

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