Russian Traveller Revealed Easy Hitchhiking Secrets

Russian blogger and traveller, Oleg Prikhodko, named tips for easy hitchhiking around the country, RIA News reports with reference to Radio Sputnik.  

Tourists who prefer to hitchhike note that despite the coronavirus, drivers pick up passengers as usual. According to the blogger, there are regions where they do it more often and more willingly. Among such places the traveller named Siberia, the North, and the Far East of Russia.

According to Oleg, when building your route, it is better to choose a busy highway and ask those who have already been there where exactly a good hitchhiking is. It is important to remember that there is no point in catching a car in a city because you need to start this process only when you go through all the turns.

In addition, the appearance of a traveller is of great importance. It helps drivers quickly understand who is in front of them, a tourist or a homeless, so the hitchhiker did not advise wearing dark or camouflage clothing. According to him, it is better to use bright colours that are visible from afar.

Ru-Main, 23.02.2021

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