Russian UAZ Cars to Appear on US Market in 2022

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant plans to start selling UAZ “Patriot” and “Pickup” car models in the USA in March next year, which is stated in the official message of the company on its social networks. 

Picture: Cena-Auto

The Patriot SUV will be available for purchase in the Bremach 4×4 version, which corresponds to the two-pedal Luxury-Premium modification for the Russian market. The car has already been shown to the local public at the Los Angeles Auto Show last autumn by the Italian-American company Bremach, which became the official distributor of UAZ in the USA. The SUV is equipped with the 2.7-litre gasoline engine ZMZ Pro and a 6-speed automatic transmission Punch Powerglide of French production.

It is expected that the cars will differ from the Russian version by special settings of some components, as well as modified algorithms for the operation of onboard electronics. Car prices in the USA will start from $26.4 thousand. At the same time, Bremach provides an SUV with a 5-year warranty or 60 thousand miles.

As for the UAZ “Pickup” for the US market, its price starts from $27,882. The company noticed that they are planning a separate premiere of this model, which will take place next spring. The car is also equipped with a 6-speed 6L50 Punch Powerglide automatic transmission. The transmission comes in a modification with a 2.7-litre gasoline engine with a capacity of 150 hp.

Ru-Main, 27.12.2021 
Source: Autostat 

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