Russian Vaccine Against Coronavirus to Be Produced in Moroccan Laboratory

The Moroccan laboratory plans to produce the Russian vaccine against coronavirus, Sputnik V, and distribute it, as the cooperation documents have been already signed, according to the Russian Trade Representative in Morocco Artem Tsinamdzgvrishvili. 

Picture: Twitter Page of Russian Trade Representation in Morocco

The trade representative recalled that in December 2020, with the participation of the representative office, the Russian vaccine was registered by the Ministry of Health of Morocco for use in the country. According to him, during direct negotiations between the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the Moroccan state bodies, it wasn’t possible to reach an agreement on particular issues.

“However, due to the high efficiency of the Russian vaccine, the Moroccan side, now represented by private players in the sphere, shows a high interest in the import and further localization of Sputnik V. To date, a partner has been identified and cooperation documents have been signed with one of the main Moroccan production laboratories, which also has a wide presence in African countries,” the Russian representative stated.

Ru-Main, 20.10.2021
Source: RIA Novosti 

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