Russian Viewers Named Best Films and TV Series 2020

The best film of 2020, according to Russian viewers, was Guy Ritchie’s crime comedy “Gentlemen”, reports with reference to the statistics of the “Cinema” project. The top three also included the drama “Little Women” by Greta Gerwig and the fantastic action movie “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan. 

Picture: Rossiyskaya Gazeta Website

The fourth and fifth places took the adventure drama “The Call of the Wild” with Harrison Ford and the Russian biopic about the legendary Soviet military designer “Kalashnikov”. As for the best foreign TV series, Russians chose the drama “The Queen’s Gambit”, followed by “Defending Jacob”, “Messiah”, “Stranger”, and “Little Fires Everywhere”.

Russians also chose the best domestic TV series of the year. It turned out to be “The Dyatlov Pass” (“Devil’s Pass”), dedicated to the death of tourists in 1959. Second place went to “257 Reasons to Live”, a story of a girl who defeated a fatal disease. The third place occupied the adventure detective “Casanova”.

Ru-Main, 15.12.2020

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