Russian Woman Cosmonaut Became Prototype of New Barbie Doll

The Barbie brand made a doll in the image of 36-year-old Anna Kikina, who is the only woman in the Roscosmos space corporation squad since 2016, TASS reports.   

Picture: Sobesednik News Website

The new doll was created in two versions: in a flight suit and a spacesuit for a spacewalk. It is specified that the collection is limited and will not go on sale.

Мантел создал две разные куклы Барби в рамках кампании в России, чтобы побудить девочек к достижению высоких целей: на одной кукле был скафандр, а на другой - синий.

Kikina herself emphasized that such a doll makes it clear that everyone who will prepare for the implementation of their ideas has a chance to become a cosmonaut.

“It is not necessary that every girl playing with such a Barbie wants to become a cosmonaut. The most important thing is that they all know that they have a choice, they have the right to choose any profession they like,” she said.

It is also reminded that the first female cosmonaut who became the prototype for a doll was Valentina Tereshkova, who flew into orbit in 1963.

Замужний астронавт, который должен отправиться в свой первый полет в конце следующего года, появился с куклой, к которой она была склонна.

Ru-Main, 19.03.2021, Pictures: News Website 

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