Russian Woman Ran Half Marathon in 1-Room Apartment [Video]

A video shot by a resident of Yakutia, Svetlana Khamidulina, is gaining popularity on the Internet. The woman ran a half marathon in her apartment, REN.TV reports. 

To run the distance of 21 kilometres 97.5 meters, the athlete had to make 1242 circles in an apartment of 16 square meters. According to Svetlana, she had a difficult time, as at 9 km her head was spinning, at 16 she felt a pain in her knee, and she was ready to cry, but then she began to sing and talk to herself. 100 meters before the finish, her husband came home and watched the final of the half-marathon. The athlete recalled that in self-isolation mode, such cases were recorded in China and France, where athletes travelled much bigger distances than she did.

Ru-Main, 03.04.2020

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