Russian Women Actively Searching for Military Partners for Love Relations [Report]

With the beginning of the special military operation of Russia in Ukraine (SVO), communities for dating the military in the Russian social network VK have flourished. Now, women in Russia tend to get to know the participants of the operation for various reasons: someone is attracted to people in uniform, someone hopes to get protection for themselves and their children. This is reported by, based on interviews with Russian young women.  

Olga (all names have been changed) admitted that with the beginning of the SVO, she began to think more and more about getting acquainted with a military man. She wanted to wait for him, like in a movie where the beloved is waiting for the soldier to return home. She used to like people in uniform and with weapons, as they give her the impression of being strong and able to protect their beloved ones.

Ekaterina is a disabled person of the third group, lives in Novosibirsk and mostly works from home. She found a community for dating the military by chance and wanted to get acquainted with one of them, as she considers this category of people more serious and responsible than others due to the fact that a person can provide her with a reliability and give a feeling of life behind a stone wall.

Another user, Anna, twice published her profile in a dating group for the military, since she already had a long relationship with an officer. The main criteria for choosing a partner for a girl are kindness, care, and sociability. Anna really likes how the uniform looks on the military.

“For more than two years I lived with an officer in my city [Ivanovo]. I have a lot to talk about with such people. They have a better mindset than ordinary soldiers,” Anna explains. “And I have no heart for civilians at all. I have nothing to talk to them about, they are not interesting. I like to wait [for him] from business trips, to meet [him]. Damn, it’s fun when you’re missing [him] and always in touch. Thus, some feelings are manifested.”

In addition, the girl is attracted by the very image of the military. When Anna dated an officer, she proudly told other men that she was in a relationship with a military man and he would be able to protect her, just in case. The girl is sure that a good wife can help a military man cope with the psychological consequences of hostilities.

Lenta notes that there are more than ten groups in VK that are dedicated to getting to know military personnel or participants in hostilities. In the largest of them, there are more than 26 thousand people trying to find their true love.

Ru-Main, 02.02.2023

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