Russian Women Described Perfect Man

Russian experts conducted a survey among women living in the country and identified the type of ideal man, chelTV reports. 

It is noted that 4.5 thousand women of different ages took part in the study. They answered questions about their favourite features of a man’s appearance. So the main feature that the majority of respondents chose is a beard (73 per cent). Also, 71 per cent of women consider men with brown eyes, piercings (70 per cent), and tattoos (62 per cent) ideal.

In addition, many women in Russia note that broad shoulders give brutality and attractiveness to men, especially if they are combined with a beard, which, in their opinion, indicates a large amount of testosterone in a body. Large feet are liked by 53 per cent of women, a nice haircut by 40 per cent, and wide eyebrows by 36 per cent.

Ru-Main, 23.02.2021 

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