Russian Women Named Top Presents From Bosses on March 8

Experts of the job search service, together with the specialists of the SberMarket delivery service, conducted a study and found out what gifts for March 8 are most often received by women in Russia. In general, three-quarters of respondents (76 per cent) say that gender holidays are always celebrated in their companies. 

It is noted that the most popular gifts on March 8 were flowers (33 per cent), 17 per cent of respondents often received small souvenirs from employers, 16 per cent got sweets as a gift, for 13 per cent they organized a corporate party, 12 per cent of respondents were given gift certificates, 11 per cent received bonus payments, 5 per cent were presented with cosmetics or perfume, 3 per cent got alcohol, and 1 per cent each received SPA certificates or jewellery.

In addition, SberMarket specialists figured out how they order gifts for March 8 in Russian offices. It turned out that Russian companies began to order less often candies as a gift for March 8, and more often bouquets of flowers and cosmetics. The demand for the delivery of cosmetic sets and bouquets of flowers to offices around the country has doubled compared to the same period a year earlier. It is specified that the average cost of a box of chocolates was 161 rubles, a cosmetic had a cost of 254 rubles, and expenses on flowers amounted to about 4,000 rubles.

Ru-Main, 11.03.2021 

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