Russian Women Told Whom They Congratulate on Defender’s Day

This year, on Defender of the Fatherland Day, the average check for one gift in Novosibirsk will be about 3,000 rubles, reports with reference to the experts of the SuperJob job search service. The study showed that men prefer to congratulate their fathers (10 per cent) and relatives (7 per cent) on February 23, as well as their sons (5 per cent), and their loved ones (4 per cent). 

It is reported that the residents of Moscow and Krasnoyarsk will spend a little more on a gift for February 23 (3,600 rubles), and residents of Krasnodar 3,200 rubles. The residents of Chelyabinsk and Volgograd will spend the least of all (2,400 and 2,300 rubles, respectively). The average national budget for a gift on this holiday is 2,700 rubles. It is also noted that respondents with an income of more than 80 thousand rubles are going to spend most of all (3,700 rubles).

It is also specified that only 30 per cent of female respondents are going to buy gifts for their husbands, about 18 per cent of survey participants consider it necessary to congratulate their sons, another 16 per cent of Russian women will congratulate their fathers. In addition, 8 per cent of the respondents plan to congratulate their loved ones and brothers, 3 per cent of women will present their colleagues and friends with gifts, and 2 per cent of those surveyed will greet their grandfathers.

Ru-Main, 23.02.2021

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